Thursday, May 17, 2012

a continuation...Drs dont Listen!

After talking to a Nurse Practioner after hours...and getting no where, they dont call in pain meds for kids who have bad stomach pain...actually they dont call it in for anyone. Bruces pain was a 12 when pushed and a 10 1/2 when just sitting there. I think what happens to Bruce is that he tries to occupy his mind during the day,for example we are making a very big pirate ship and are playing a lot of video games.  He deals with this pain all thru the day with cheerfulness then to get to the late afternoon early evening exhausted and either irritable, quiet or crying due to pain.  It has taken a toll on him.  Well all of us. My hubby called the drs this morning and we are getting ready to do a CT with Barium and Contrast and well...another colonoscopy.

See they dont listen to parents...oh it must be constipation...when he hasnt had a solid bowel movement in weeks.  It is literally water. It doesnt get thru to them. Not all kids are the same, Bruce has a tendency to have same UC symptoms as an adult.  Im sorry its not in your little box, please think outside the box for Bruce.  Give this child a break.  His stools are nothing but water due to needing to make it this way so his colon would shrink...and it has.  Well it might by viral or it might be that he has a lot of anxiety...hell ya on the anxiety part! But anxiety does not make his stomach hurt so bad hes holding his breath!

  But guess what??? Stool cultures came back positive for blood/inflammation... Really?...but that could be from constipation from the stool...OH MY GOD!  SHut up! There is no stool to scrape the sides...whatever he eats is there for me to see later that day.  STOP AND LISTEN!!!

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