Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mom has Joint Pain

Well I wrote a very long blog this morning and I have no idea where it went. So to make this a bit shorter. I haven't felt good lately. Very tired for the past couple of weeks. Sleeping in late and doing nothing around the house. Had a stomach ache too. Went to my Dr. last week because I have been waking up with joint pain in both shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. My knuckles across my hands and middle of fingers hurt. My pinkies both hurt, right one more at the first knuckle. I'm very stiff when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed. Mornings are worse. I start feeling better around noon-1pm.

I have had lower back pain for the past year and a half. Got a new bed, didn't help. I really just thought it was from walking so much. 3-5 miles will do it. I thought my gait was off or my shoes were too worn. Thought it could be my age.

I got my lab work back. Everything was normal except I tested positive for Scleroderma. I found out today that testing positive for only this disease doesn't mean you have Scleroderma. Doesn't mean I don't have it either. Have to look at all factors. I had a rheumatologist appt. today. She was nice. My lab work wasn't enough so she tested me for a bunch more things. I was taking Celebrex for the last week that didn't help as I have gotten worse. Meloxicam is what she has put me on starting today. She is concerned with how long I have had lower back pain and SI Joint pain. I had X-rays of my hands lumbar and, SI Joints. If you push on lower back it hurts as well as the SI area. I have Raynauds and this is a concern because it goes with the Scleroderma diagnosis.

I have to see a Gastro soon. She needs to see if my stomach pain is contributing to my joint pain plus I am having trouble swallowing food sometimes. I need to take one thing at a time. Today was just gathering information. Next week we go to NIH for 8 days for Bruce and then I don't go back until mid Nov. A bit worried that the anti inflammatory won't work and I will be stuck with the pain and stiffness during this trip. I don't have a lot of strength in my hands right now. So much you do with your hands. Rolling luggage,rolling Brucie in wheelchair, trying to make dinner can be frustrating. Holding a fork makes my hand ache and very tired. I noticed today that my hands are a bit jerky when I write. I've also been clumsy and I fell in a parking lot...ya on both knees.

So this was a shorter version of the very long blog I wrote this morning. My aches and pains in my shoulders and hands wakes me up around 4-5 am. I did do stretches with my son this morning and that does seem to help. I'm a lot slower in the morning. Can't seem to get started. But, I'm Mom and people are relying on me and this really helps because when I keep moving I fell better. It's when I stop that I pay for it. So keep moving forward!